The Grateful Project was conceived after I stumbled across an olive tree covered in tiny white tags in Calistoga, California in July 2009. Upon closer inspection I discovered they all contained handwritten messages from folks giving thanks for the people and things that bring them joy. Some were old with writing long faded from the sun. Others popped with fresh ink. Many times the only words I could make out were “I am grateful.”

The tags were written in all colors, in all types of print, by people of all ages. The idea was simple, the meaning profound.  After reading several I felt obligated to contribute something in return. I found a basket of papers nearby and considered what to write. What am I thankful for today I wondered? I spent several minutes tapping my pen pondering what it was I wanted to leave behind. Finally I wrote: “I am grateful to be able to celebrate the small things. And the big things – with the same person.”

This action of pausing to consider what I am truly grateful for each day is an exercise I have repeated each day since. Because every day something happens to be thankful for. Every day. Even the days your heart winds up on the bottom of someone else’s shoes.

I like thinking that if we all took just two minutes every day to consider what and who we are grateful for – perhaps we might all be a little bit happier. Perhaps we would approach our relationships with each other and ourselves differently. Maybe we would smile more.

Now, I am not an extremely religious person. Sometimes I doubt whether I am religious at all. I do not practice new age teachings. I do not meditate. I do not fancy myself a philosopher. (Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things.) This is just my attempt at smiling more. Every day.

I hope this site triggers something for you to be thankful for as well. Please feel free to participate with me.

-Kristen M. Munson


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Very good. I’m grateful for you having started this.

  2. Katherine says:

    As always… love hearing what you have to say.

  3. […] day she notes something in her life for which she is grateful. She explains how the blog came to be here, which includes this excerpt: This action of pausing to consider what I am truly grateful for each […]

  4. Kristen, have you seen this?


    Similar concept. There’s definitely plenty of room for lots of gratitude however.

  5. kmunsey says:

    I had not seen it! Thanks for sharing. Perfect timing too! This is the one year anniversary of the project. I was wondering whether to continue with it. But you are right. There is plenty of room for gratitude. Thanks Matt! Hope you are well.

  6. keep sharing. stumbled upon this like some of the others mentioned and so glad I did.

  7. JustAnotherFace says:

    I am thankful to God for always being there for me no matter what.

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