I am grateful for … 

Matty. A brother I can walk through life when we’re 2,000 miles apart.


I am grateful for … 

An entire month of cloudy days and rain. And not seeing sunshine forecasted anytime in the near future. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the drought.


I am grateful for …

Options. A choice between going up or going down. Between taking two paths and having no idea where either ends. And going on a gut feeling.


I am grateful for … 

Pulling out an old Scrabble board, two beers from the fridge, and settling into a quiet Saturday night with D. Not fighting over two-letter words or cheap moves. Just playing and enjoying Twine Time on the radio.


I am grateful for …

Game of Thrones taco nights and everyone rooting for Ramsay to get his balls snipped.


I am grateful for … 

Opening up a document today and finding my words. Writing again for me. Not thinking about an audience or if it will ever go somewhere. Just disappearing into my story and emerging hours later with a draft of something that isn’t destined for the dust bin.


I am grateful for … 


Tiny surprises. Like frogs in your cactus and fireflies after a flood. There’s something very reassuring about those little pinpricks of light on a pitch black trail. They glow, you follow, your eyes adjust, and your feet just seem to find their way over all the rocks in your way.


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