I am grateful for … 

Being surrounded by boxes in our new apartment, cold beers in the fridge, and moving in one shot.


I am grateful for … 

A packed up house and a chance to take two.


I am grateful for …

A good night’s sleep. Waking up with a lighter weight on my chest. And taking some time today to run in the woods, climb over rocks, and head up instead of down.


I am grateful for …

Getting back on the wagon. I’ve been absent from being grateful for a few weeks. I’ve knowingly gone to bed thinking I should sit down and give thanks. And I haven’t. I think in some ways I have been sabotaging the project and my own happiness because of it. I am grateful that today I didn’t.

I know that I am capable of finding every day’s silver lining.

Today I am also grateful I wrote a story I like. And I am grateful that yesterday a classmate extended his hand and said hello, how are you.

I hope to continue The Grateful Project with a raw heart and deeper appreciation for the blessing that is my life.


I am grateful for …

Cut and paste.


I am grateful for …

An early morning run and beating the sunrise.


I am grateful for …

Pedaling home in the dark. When no cars around. And the road feels like an old friend.


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